Connecting Hollywood + Healthcare

Why Hire A Celebrity for Your Healthcare Campaign?

The Amy Doner Group focuses exclusively on partnering celebrities with healthcare clients.

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Matching a familiar face to a health issue and brand can boost product awareness and create an emotional connection with your audience. The Amy Doner Group specializes in pairing well-known personalities from film, television, sports and music with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, health-related non-profit and educational groups, and healthcare public relations and advertising agencies.

A Personal Connection Can Go A Long Way…

Disease awareness campaigns are important components of a company’s marketing communications strategy. These initiatives are typically designed to reach a target group of patients, family members and caregivers – no matter how large or small. A recognizable face has been proven to be an effective way to increase the reach of a media message and enhance long-term loyalty.

A celebrity spokesperson with a personal connection to your healthcare priority can motivate people to:

  • Take action
  • Seek medical advice
  • Further invest in their health and well-being

For example, multi-talented recording artist and actor Nick Jonas used his experience as a type 1 diabetes patient to pair with Dexcom – a leader in continuous glucose monitoring for patients with diabetes – on a communications campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of continued glucose monitoring. Nick Jonas shared his personal story and views on living with diabetes with confidence and determination, while encouraging others to take control of the disease. Nick’s story helped inspire those who struggle with this disease on a daily basis through a surround-sound marketing communications effort that included national, local and trade media outreach, a social media platform and a testimonial video.

This Happened To Me So Can Happen To You…

Celebrities with a personal link to your healthcare priority can grab attention and provide an example of how others can better manage their health. Celebrities can have an effective and powerful “voice,” particularly when they have their own personal stories to share. A celebrity’s story doesn’t have to be long-winded or scripted, but instead told simply, succinctly and – most importantly – anecdotally, to personalize its impact.

Once the patient realizes this could be “happening to them,” a campaign can further validate the importance of that physician and patient dialogue and better educate those at-risk with signs and symptoms of certain diseases. These campaigns are of great value – and can be life-altering – as patients seek help for symptoms they may not have normally considered. Further motivation from a celebrity who may be spearheading such a campaign can help add to that value.

Building A Long-Term Partnership…

A strong, targeted celebrity endorsement campaign can grow into a profitable long-term partnership. It can help to strengthen your brand for years to come. Our goal at The Amy Doner Group is to be at the beginning of this relationship between a celebrity and your company or organization. Beyond simply identifying and procuring the right celebrity, The Amy Doner Group is focused on making a match for maximum effect and benefit.

We can find the best celebrity for your needs and navigate you through the celebrity deal-making process. By knowing Hollywood as well as we know healthcare, we won’t stop until we’ve set you on a course for lasting success.

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