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How To Book A Celebrity for
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The Amy Doner Group is directly tied in to both Hollywood and healthcare.

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You can think globally, nationally or locally in scope when it comes to considering a celebrity for your campaign. Of course, there are movie and television actors, talk show hosts, athletes, musicians, reality show contestants. And, there are those who have become stars simply because they are referred as "…to the stars" – such as celebrity chefs, stylists and make-up artists. The Amy Doner Group recognizes that who is considered to be a celebrity these days can run the gamut. Even when your program parameters and budget may not warrant an A-list celebrity, local celebrities – politicians, athletes and news personalities – may serve as appropriate options as some of their national counterparts.

Celebrity Identification…

Officially booking a celebrity can take days, weeks or months depending on program parameters and timing, and, of course, interest and availability of the celebrity. It is important to take the time you need. The Amy Doner Group is directly tied in to both Hollywood and healthcare. We immediately sense when a particular celebrity could resonate with your disease awareness initiative and overall business objectives, will be right for a client’s demographic and can work towards procuring a celebrity in line with the client’s suggestions. Alternatively, we provide counsel as why perhaps the search should go in a broader, and possibly different direction.

From the moment we receive that first query, The Amy Doner Group works with the client to hone in on some basic questions to help shape the focus of the search, including, but not limited to:

  • What is the need?
  • What demographic are you trying to reach?
  • Is it for the short-term or long-term? For one event or integrated into a more extensive platform?
  • Is there someone you already have in mind?
  • What might you already know or have seen about your choice?

We have received queries from clients who tell us their company is abuzz with trying to secure a particular celebrity. While this early phase of name recognition and “discovery” by our clients is not an absolute for us, it is important to know of existing top choices of suggestions.

Once The Amy Doner Group provides you with a few options, we dig deeper into all things celebrity:

  • What are his/her interests and passions?
  • When have them been interviewed last?
  • On what topic?
  • When was the last time they were in the news and why?
  • Have they been interviewed directly, or instead the subject of a news story?
  • Are they currently involved in other promotional projects?
  • Do they blog, tweet, Snapchat and/or have their own Facebook, Instagram page or website?
  • What other promotional programs on their also engaged in at this time?

Signed, Sealed and Delivered…

Are you looking for a Hollywood movie star, but think that would be cost prohibitive? With the right level of contract negotiations, there are ways to maximize the name recognition of the celebrity without going over your budget. For example, if you are having a ten-city media campaign focusing on your disease awareness messages, consider retaining the celebrity for the program kick-off. Yet, negotiate the option to use their name, image, likeness in subsequent markets. If time and cost are at a premium, consider working with the celebrity on a virtual basis from afar. Video webinars, virtual presentations, events via satellite and the use of social media – including via the celebrity’s own channels – can be more cost-effective and as productive as incurring time and travel costs to have a celebrity attend “on the ground.”

Often the search for the ideal spokesperson takes time, and the Amy Doner Group is with you through to the end. We are only compensated when we find the ideal celebrity for you and all contracts are signed. From identifying and procuring the right celebrity for your campaign to providing counsel and guidance through contract negotiations, we stay available 24/7. Our teamwork approach means there are no hidden research fees or upfront costs. And, after the deal is signed, sealed and delivered, The Amy Doner Group continues to work with your team in the most optimal and effective way for your business.

Here’s The Amy Doner Group’s top ten list of types of celebrities who can help your program to soar:

  1. Movie and television actors and actresses
  2. Athletes
  3. Musicians
  4. Talk show hosts
  5. Authors
  6. News personalities
  7. Reality show contestants
  8. Health and fitness experts
  9. Celebrity chefs
  10. Stylists to the stars
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