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Testimonials from Healthcare & PR Agencies

For over 15 years the Amy Doner Group has helped many in the healthcare field. Our client roster includes pharmaceutical and biotech companies, PR and advertising agencies, medical education companies, and non-profit organizations. We understand your healthcare needs.


"The Amy Doner Group is more than a celebrity search firm. They are a long-term strategic partner."

"I highly recommend the entire team, and would not venture into another celebrity initiative without them."

Lucia Aurcllo, Senior Vice President
Ruder Finn Healthcare
Chandler Chicco

"We truly appreciate your energy, expertise, feedback and flexibility along the way, as we couldn't have done it without you..."

Lisa Stockman
Chandler Chicco Agency

"You epitomize the phrase "there are no problems, just solutions we haven't found yet."

Douglas Stroup, Senior Vice President/Branding
Ruder Finn

"From selection, through contract and beyond, you have been an excellent liaison who is not only committed to selecting the perfect celebrity personality, but also to facilitating enduring relationships on our behalf."

Jennifer O'Neill, Senior Vice President
Chamberlain Healthcare Public Relations
Chandler Chicco

"Having worked closely with you for almost a decade, it is my pleasure to attest to your outstanding abilities not only in helping us identify the appropriate celebrity for our public relations programs but also in helping manage every detail from contract development to final payment."

Gloria M. Janata, JD
Chandler Chicco Agency
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