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The Amy Doner Group works with our celebrity clients to keep your public engaged and to keep you ahead of the social media curve.

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From what celebrities are working on professionally to getting a close look at their personal interests, the use of social media has further engaged the public in the lives of their favorite icons. The Amy Doner Group sees first-hand how celebrities are practically connecting with their fans about real things in real time.

Companies were once more cautious about limitations applied by the heavily regulated pharmaceutical industry on how they directly promote their brands. Now, more are integrating online marketing, communications and social networking media platforms into their program planning. The United States Food and Drug Administration recently released draft social media guidance, so the pharmaceutical industry now has further direction on how social media can best be applied.

Celebrity Partnerships Creating Self(ie)Awareness…

Social media should be less about drug promotion and more about an overall educational component. A social media platform is often built on initial patient engagement, but carrying the relationship through to patients to focus on disease prevention, management and medication compliance can surely resonate well. Celebrities can draw their friends and fans into your platform, with your company implementing a social networking strategy to keep them engaged. This can be especially beneficial if celebrities have already turned to social media to promote their own healthy lifestyles and can speak to personal experience when sharing. Even by simply typing just a handful of characters, celebrities can provide fresh ideas and content to engage the public enough to become more interested in your overall initiative.

Social-izing To Meet Health And Wellness Goals…

Social media is the avenue to mobile apps and web based tools, such as diet planners, exercise, medication schedules, health monitors, appointment calendars – to name a few. These tools help patients while helping companies collect data on their target demographic. The Amy Doner Group can collaborate with your team on how a celebrity’s own social networking properties can be integrated into some of these components.

Social media needs a clear objective, directing patients to do what they need to do and a call to action. Partnership with a third party also helps to boost success. And, just like watching a favorite celebrity on television, in the movies or cooking a dinner on a cooking show, a celebrity’s social networking with the public should be engaging enough to reach patients over and over for the long term. The Amy Doner Group can work with your team to keep you ahead of the tweet, post and hashtag that lie ahead.

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