Connecting Hollywood + Healthcare

Media Relations for
Disease Awareness and Healthcare Campaigns

Whatever your celebrity media strategy entails, we work together with our healthcare clients to make it happen.



After a celebrity is officially procured, The Amy Doner Group can work with your team to collaborate on a media relations strategy. We assist with identifying the right target media outlets for your disease awareness platform, and can design a social media networking strategy that helps create the right amount of buzz.

Whether through national or local broadcast and print media interview opportunities, television and radio satellite media tours and in-studio or phone interview opportunities, we can work together on a strategy to make it happen. The Amy Doner Group has extensive national and international entertainment and health media contacts.

There Is A Doctor In The House…

Our media relations specialists are always up to speed with the complexities of FDA guidelines and the legal review process. This can help us all understand the importance of the right time to communicate branded versus non-branded messages to the media.

As celebrities are typically not doctors – though some may play one on television – they are often paired in interviews with medical professionals to dispense the health information and advice to balance the celebrity’s own story. It is important for the two to have some connection and chemistry so they can complement one another well in interviews and appearances.

Measuring Return on Investment…

The celebrity contract is signed, disease awareness messages are ready to roll and media outreach is well underway. How is a program measured? The Amy Doner Group works to create a responsive awareness for your health care objectives and have high success metrics, with campaigns penetrating the broadest consumer markets and targeted media hitting the 18-49 demographic. Our sustained media efforts over a specific post-campaign period has allowed for further expansion into the following 12-24 month period. The Amy Doner Group can partner with your marketing, communications and market research teams to design a metric tied directly into your return on investment.

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